Friday, August 24, 2007

The Swan is in hibernation

I very seldom have a project that just flat stalls on me.

I have had to frog projects here and there, when it became obvious that they were not going to fit due to either a design issue or me not wanting to admit to the fact that I have REALLY wide feet (sigh).

But I am usually the first person to fess up and frog back the yarn and put it back into the stash. Not this time. Swan Lake (aka Mystery Stole #3) is stalled, but I can't bear to frog it. What I have done of it (Clue 1-3 and part of 4), I love.

My problem is this. I am anal about things matching. I fuss over socks that pool differently, I choose cast on/off pairs that match as close as I can manage. Therein is the problem. The stole pattern is asymmetrical. I like the IDEA of the wing, I am fascinated by the logistics of short rows in lace, but I would never wear it.

This is not the only one of Pink Lemon Twist patterns that is not the same on both ends. Just this week, I've purchased "Hanami" and joined a knitalong for it.

But I have to admit, that Hanami will probably be going to my sister, Kimi. If not, it may well join my hand block printed linen kimono on the wall as an art piece instead of being worn.

Options for Swan Lake:
1) finish it as written and gift it to Kimi instead of giving her Hanami. Maybe even put a beaded tassel on the pointy end to make the asymmetry even more dramatic.

2) finish it per Melanie's directions for a symmetrical stole

3) finish it as a long scarf with a diamond design in the center

4) finish it in some other manner - there's a 'honeybee' version with one rounded and one pointed end that looks intriguing. Asymmetrical, but not AS asymmetrical as the 'wing' version.

5) frog it (not wanting to do this).

I'm leaning towards 3 right now, but I'd have to redesign the center and figure out how to graft it.

Hence - it is on hiatus. Probably until I am done with both Hanami and Ocean of Fire.

I've printed out all of the clues, though. AND the designer's symmetrical directions. Just in case. I'm so disappointed. Maybe Mystery projects just aren't for me.

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