Thursday, June 14, 2007

How the blazes did this happen?

Knitting away on the second of the sockapalooza socks in my usual cuff/cuff, leg/leg, heel/heel, etc/etc. style. And look what happened.

Can somebody explain to me how these two balls of yarn can possibly be the exact SAME dyelot???

Sock number two is doing exactly what I'd hoped this yarn would do - little tiny pools and splashes of color. Whereas sock number one is disappointingly flashing.

I actually would not have minded so much if they had gotten together and decided to do one OR the other!!! But this not matching in ANY particular is ..... disappointing. I do have one more skein. It might be worth casting on and seeing how that one turns out.

In the mean time, suggestions???


knitty_kat said...

ya, my second sock did the same thing too. It has to do with where you started in the striping on the yarn. i.e. the colour sort of repeats itself so if you don't hit it at the right point you get 2 different looking socks. I wouldn't worry about it, at least it's a light colour!

s b said...

Are you getting the same gauge? The socks look like different sizes, but that could be my monitor or photographic effects. One of the lovely qualities of hand-dyed yarns is they were made by an actual human's hands and not a no two skeins will ever be identical. I'd check the gauge first, and then try the other ball--keep this sock just in case the other skein decides to behave like this one can choose the best two out of three! :) (sorry...)

Not That Kat said...

I had the same thing happen on a pair I knitted in Claudia's Handpaints. One sock had a striping effect with colors and neutrals alternating. The other pooled all the way down. Neither effect was good or bad, but the pair looked less than fraternal. Maybe kissing cousins? Same yarn, same dye lot, bought at the same time, knit 2 socks/2 circs, so tension variation should not have been an issue.

All I can say is them's the breaks with hand paints. You can minimize it by alternating two skeins, or both ends of the same skein.