Saturday, June 16, 2007

Try, try again

Well, my 'second string' yarn for Sockapalooza came today. It's Panda Cotton again, which I really do like a lot for summer weight socks. This time, it is in a solid color - Crystal Pink. Since my sock pal gave me two colorways, I can make her girly pink socks *G*. And these are going to be WAY girly - hope she likes them. Her blog only has one or two posts; I can't really get a feel for her likes and dislikes.

But from the colors she listed for me - pinks and sea greens and blues plus silver - I'm thinking that she might just like lace. Since this is a plain yarn, a lace pattern that is a little more complex than the Dublin Bay, which is a VERY simple lace.

The pattern I chose for this second attempt at my pal's socks is a Cookie A pattern, but not the ubiquitous "Monkey". No, I've gone back to last Spring's issue and am doing Hedra from

The cuff for Hedra is a 1x1 twisted rib and if you do that ribbing with a knitted cast on (using needles several sizes larger than your main needles) you get the lovely eyelet effect above. I do adore this look - and it's perfect for lacy socks.

I just wish I could remember where I saw this - I'd like to give them credit. It's been in my notebook of ideas for well over a year. I thought Wendy or Gumperina (who are my usual suspects for nifty technique hacks), but I don't see it on either blog. If it was you, shout out and I'll be happy to edit to give credit.


Kimberly said...

That yarn will show off Hedera beautifully! Can't wait to see it finished up! :)

Saffron said...

That looks very nice! :) Panda Cotton does make nice summer socks, doesn't it?