Thursday, August 23, 2007

Coming to a bookstore near you.....

The Yarn Harlot!!!

See down there on Sunday, September 16? WICHITA Kansas! Not quite local - about a three hour drive or so one way. But on a weekend I can/will do that.

I just hope there are still tickets available.! I will call from the office tomorrow (on my cell phone, of course).

This is going to be a blast, but I need a couple of things before I can go meet THE Harlot.

I must have a hat to donate - knitters REPRESENT! Now it just so happens that I cast on an Odessa at the baby shower. Honestly it was sheer desperation, not start-itis. Really. Look at my other options.

Lace? Nope - especially not beaded lace. It's not portable. Especially not to a function where elbow room is minimal and interruptions certain.
Black Blob o' Doom Afghan? In 106 degree Fahrenheit weather? You've GOT to be kidding!
Dublin Bay socks? Possible, but I'm still trying to figure out if I want to finish them or frog them.
Ribbed Red Scarf was still a pile of potential waiting at the NSLYS for me to purchase it's constituent parts.

So my options were a new pair of socks - thus bumping back the Dublin Bays even more - or some other small project. Odessa to the rescue; I got the ribbing mostly done at the party. I have about an inch more of the 'snail spiral' before I start the decreases. I do love this pattern. It's so quick, easy to memorize and still interesting to knit.

I wonder if I should do a quick state washcloth. She collects them.

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