Sunday, May 07, 2006

Frog Pond Saturday

Some times you're the bug, sometimes you're the frog.

Yesterday, the frog got me *sigh*, and what's worse, he jumped on BOTH my major projects.

The sock is STILL too small - I can't get it over my heel. Ordinarily, I'd just cast it right back on, but I'm not loving the yarn/pattern combo either. The broken rib pattern and the marled yarn just bother each other. I think this sock would look much better in a plain yarn and I STILL don't like short row heels. I'll be getting a new pattern in June, so I think I'm just going to sit this round of the six sock KAL out.

On the shawl front, woe, too. I messed up the first round of the fourth lace pattern. Luckily I discovered the mistake as I knit it off. There are advantages to the patterns where there is a 'plain' round or row every other time. There was no way to fix the one plain knit stitch in the very center of the field instead of properly at the end of the quadrant. But still, this is now over 100 stitches per quadrant (and on the big needles), so tinking back 800 stitches wasn't a QUICK fix.

But the sock is recycled back to the stash and the shawl is ready to restart the lace panel and my knit group meets this afternoon and I'm up to chapter 20 on Pride and Prejudice, so I am smiling despite the amphibian visitor yesterday.

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