Saturday, August 25, 2007

FO - Represent! Hat for the Yarn Harlot tour

Pattern: Odessa by Gumperina for MagKnits Feb 06 issue, pattern here.

Materials: One ball (50g)of Rowan Cashsoft DK (merino, microfiber, cashmere) in cream color - lost the ball band, so I'm not sure of the color number.

Needles: US 6

Mods: Left off the beads. Just in case it goes to a small person or a small person's sibling/mother, etc. Why risk it?

Notes: Love this pattern enough to knit it again, with two more planned as Christmas gifts. Not sure where this one will be donated, but each stop on the YH book tour is arranging that the hats will go to a local charity.


miyamojo said...

Karla! Thanks for finding me!
I love the kit! Well written instructions (not charted), and the yarn is soft to the touch, but the cables really stand out.
The only problem we've had is that it takes forever (months) to receive - don't know why. It would make a fabulous gift for FIL.
I'm making the Unst stole... are you the Karla in the Heirloom Knitting Yahoo group? If so, it's a great place to get help! I'll help, if I can, too! m :)

fleegle said...

Even though I am sitting under a fan with an icy glass of limeade, I can still admire your lovely, warm (urg) hat! Bet you can't wait for winter!

Karla (ThreadBndr) said...

It's gonna be winter. I swear it! I don't mind knitting hats in the summer, but the scarf almost did me in. It was knit under the airconditioner with a fan blowing on me too. And my hands were still nasty sticky.

LACE for summer (except for obligation knitting like this).