Monday, August 27, 2007

Nasty, nasty knots.....

... we hates them, we do.

I'm channeling Golum a bit due to the unexpected presence of not one, not two, but THREE knots in the second ball of Nashua superwash. The first was perfect, not so much as a slub! So imagine my disappointment when this was the result of trying to start the third ball.

I don't normally rewind commercially wound center pull balls of worsted. I figure that I can cope with the 'burp' of center that usually occurs. But on this benighted ball I could NOT find the center end to save myself. No matter where I 'tugged', the ball just knotted up. Fine, says I, "I will wind it off". Then I started hitting knots. There was one where there was only a yard or two between the knots (that bit has hit the trash already).

I'm going to try to finish with the two larger balls. The good ball got me to about 38 inches, so 8 inches past the middle. I know I said you wouldn't see this again, but with MS#3 on hiatus, the Twin Rib scarf is getting more inside knit time than I figured it would. That's not a bad thing since it's halfway done!


fleegle said...

That happend to me with a ball of Gentle and when I grumped about it, someone told me that this usually happens at the end of a dye lot. Not that this info helps much!

Karla (ThreadBndr) said...

It's good to know that, though. I didn't notice any variation in the color, but in the future I may return the ball, just in case.