Thursday, August 30, 2007

Futzing around with MS#3 and New lace

Lousy drawing and even worse picture of my thoughts on the MS#3 redesign. I am still torn between the options that I outlined here. The only thing that is totally NOT an option is ripping it out. I love Clue 1-3. Basically what I am considering doing is putting in another set of the chevrons enclosing just a little more of the catspaws as there was of the beaded 'honeycomb'. Then doing a bit of the 'swan wing' pattern leading up to a large center diamond or elongated diamond shape. The other end will be identical. So far, so good. I just need something to put INTO the center and to have somewhere in there where I can graft it.

I am looking forward to Hanami after the frustration of MS#3. My beads came and the dark iridescent ones are prefect. They show up without being overwhelming. I'm really liking beaded lace and wish Hanami used more. I've swatched the Fino and will be using the same KnitPicks options US 4 that I am using for MS#3. LOVE, LOVE the way you can take the needle tips off and put on the endcaps to 'save' one project and use the tips on another. I DID put a marker on to remind me that it's the US 4 tips that I want when I'm ready to get back to MS#3.

Honestly, with the Hanami KAL kicking off this Friday, MS#3 is going on the back burner until I can figure out the center panel. It won't hurt it to "Marinate" for a month or so. In a way I hate to do that. I am really trying to only have two knitting projects OTN at a time. I hope this isn't the first step down that slippery slope towards UFOdom.

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