Thursday, July 13, 2006

FO - Sockapaloooza Sock Savior Socks

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OK, here they are a-drying in the bathroom sink - the Sockapaloooza socks AKA BroadRipple Hybrids Take 1

Materials: Cascade Fixation Painted Color 9903 (as you can see, one ball is more purples than the other - same dye lot!)

Needles: US 4

Pattern: Cuff, leg and foot from Knitty's "BroadRipple". Heel and Toe from 6 Sox KAL "Sixth Sense"

Comments - I like this combo of yarn and patterns so much that I'm making a pair for myself! Perfect summer sock - a little lacy, but not TOO 'girly'. Elastic in the yarn keeps it from being as bad on the hands as 100% cotton.

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