Sunday, June 25, 2006

On the horns of a dilemma

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As you can see, the BroadRipple socks are coming right along. I'm doing my usual routine of leg (x2), heel and gusset (x2), foot (x2), toe and finish (x2). This routine usually keeps me from having Second Sock syndrome as when I get to the end of sock #1, there's only the toe and finishing on sock #2 to do.

I'm loving the ever so slightly lacy pattern with it's clever take on the feather and fan pattern. I'm loving the yarn; the little bit of elastic keeps it from being hard on the hands like cotton usually is.

What I'm NOT loving is this:Free Image Hosting at
See the pooling that started once I began the gusset area? Not liking it at all. So I have ordered two balls of plain white Cascade Fixation from Simply Socks (Standard Disclaimers apply, yadda, yadda).

My thought is that if I do stripes of alternating white and painted down the entire sock (with the cuff, heel and toe also in white), I'll have a sock that I can wear with one or two things in the wardrobe AND it will make the pooling a lot less obvious - I hope. And it should stretch the leftover and extra ball of the odd dyelot enough to get me another pair of anklets out of this yarn.

Why do I want to make another pair, you ask? Well, I've been tapped for being a Sockapaloooza Sock Savior after all. And my pal wants cotton or cotton blend anklets. This pattern knits up so fast so I'm going to be doing it a couple of times LOL.

Which brings me to my dilemma. Do I finish this pair, pooling and all and ship them off to her? The poor woman has been waiting since the first of May for her socks with no word from her original pal at all. Or do I make the best pair possible - which means starting over? I hate to send out anything that isn't my absolutely best work, but 2 months and counting!!!!!

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