Friday, July 14, 2006

In Progress Irish Hiking Scarf

The Irish Hiking Scarf (hereafter known as TIHS) is, like all scarfs, a bugger to photograph.

If you get out big enough to show the length, you loose the detail. If you focus in tight, you can't see progress. So this is probably the only picture till the FO happy dance.

I'm really enjoying the cabling on this, even though it's very simple twisted ropes that cables all together on every eighth row.

As far as the length goes, it's 31 inches and right at the very start of ball #2. That means it's over half done (final length per pattern is 55 inches). The third ball will be a matching cabled watch cap.

Even though this yarn is predominatly acrylic, there's enough wool in it that I like the hand - it's 'crunchy soft' if that makes any sense. It's holding the stitch definition very well.

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