Saturday, July 15, 2006

Busy Saturday

Accomplishments today on the knitting front:

1) Sock Savior Socks mailed off to my assigned pal, Nat, in Australia. Also sent her enough Cascade "Fixation" in a berry colorway that she can make another pair of short summer socks. Of course, I sent the custom sock blockers that I made for her socks and I tucked into the box a set of Kansas stitch markers and a couple of post cards - one "Wizard of Oz" one and one from Camp Lejeune. I sure hope she likes everything and that the socks fit her. I'll worry in the back of my mind until I know they are good.

2) TIHS - the second ball of WoolEase "burped" out a big tangled knot instead of a nice center pull, as balls of yarn often do. I got it all disentangled, a Russian Join done and now I am merrily knitting along again. It is currently at inch - 33 36 39.

3) Now that my Sockapaloooza Sock Savior duties are done, I can get back to the Widow's Shawl. As of today, it has 57 points on its border. 27 to go.

4) Posted the Amazing Lace challenge #4 (see above)

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