Saturday, July 01, 2006

BroadRipple Hybrid in progress

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And here is the first BroadRipple Hybrid to show off, with number two still in progress in the background.

I skipped ahead to check to see if the toe from the Sixth Sense pattern would work on this sock. It does, but you have to start at the end of round 3 in the pattern or the stitch count gets bolixed up. So this toe has been knit twice. But it looks good never the less.

Sock number two is just a few rounds into the foot, but it should go fast enough that I can mail these soon. Hopefully before I go on vacation for a few days, but possibly not till right after I get back.

And how do you like the custom sock blockers? They are made from foam core and duck tape. (Being as I subscribe to my dad's philosophy - "I can fix anything. Where's the duck tape?") But sized to the dimensions given to me by my sock pal. Her feet are a good bit longer than mine, so my own sock blockers would not work. I'll mail them ON the blockers and she should be able to use the blockers for her own socks. One can never have too many knitting tools after all.

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