Thursday, February 28, 2008

FO - Itty Bitty TeennyTiny Socks - Pair #1

Remember about a year and half ago? There was a point in there where I had several baby showers one right after another? And I knitted washcloth after washcloth for baskets of baby bath goodies and afghan squares for group projects and had to buy some gifts because I flat ran out of knitting time?

Well, it's happening AGAIN! I guess I just have enough friends who are 15-25 years younger than me that they are having their families now. It's funny, when I was of an age to have kids, most of my friends were older and I only had one close girlfriend who had her child at about the same time as me. (Hi, Pam!)

I have by last count four in-progress babies to knit for. I could do baskets again, and I might for one or two, but right now, I'm all about the booties and mini-socks. Aren't they CUTE! I figure one or two pairs of these and some coordinating onesies are about THE best gifts!

Let's hear it for baby knitting! (I'm in no hurry for grandbabies - we have to get the kids married first, after all. And I want them to have a nice bit of couplehood. But I'm going to like knitting for littles when and if they come along!)

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