Friday, February 29, 2008

Afghan Squared - first half

The way this month has been, about all I've been able to work on (other than yesterday's baby socks) is one afghan square after another - all made out of simple, bias garter stitch. Mindless and hypnotic. I can crank one of these out in a couple of days.

This is about half of what I'll need for an adult sized afghan. They are 8 inches square, so for an afghan in the 32 (four squares) x 40 (five squares) inch range I'll need 20 squares.


Zandra said...

That is going to be very pretty when it is done.

Dee said...

Mariah is the knitty pattern I was thinking of. I don't like the pictures with the pattern, but I have seen the ones people make and they are nice.

Dee Anna