Friday, March 07, 2008

"New" project - Quaker Round Robin

OK, here is something new to look at. This is not, however, a NEW project. In my quest to get the Work In Progress list on the needlework side whittled down to something approaching reasonable, I am not going to start anything new on that side at all until I have just one project in a category. That's going to take some time.

This was a round robin(RR) from 2004 that I did on the Legacy Embroider's Guild. We each started out with a motif or two and then mailed it on to the next person, everybody stitched on everybody else's piece. The theme was Quaker Medallions. I sent around a HUGE piece of linen, by far the biggest one. This was my first RR, and I WAY overestimated how much everyone would do.

This album shows all the ones that I stitched on and my old progress on this piece.

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