Monday, March 17, 2008

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Look at what my sister designed for the CREW! They didn't have unit patch, so we decided to make one for them. Kim is a commercial artist and does this kind of thing for a living. We were going for a WWII type image. And you have to understand the back story on the duck.

When JC left for Iraq last year, one of the first care packages Kim sent him was for Easter. In it was a plush duck that 'laid' those little chocolate easter eggs (the ones that are about the size of Hershey Kisses). Everybody LOVED the duck. It got to be the platoon mascot and when you had a bad day, the duck was likely to show up on your bunk. So the duck had to be on their logo. It's so CUTE! The muscles, the tat, the high and tight haircut LOL. My sister is a genius.

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