Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Reporting in

Lots happening here as of late:

1) JC was home on leave for 21 days. I daily thank God and anybody else who will listen that he made it through this deployment with few scars and is ok mentally and emotionally as far as I can tell.

2) He and KT ARE engaged (YEAH!!!!) No firm date yet, but it will be after she graduates from college - so about 2-3 years. Yes, a long engagement, but they are making some very level headed decisions about their future. Much better than when I was at their age!

3) We went out to eat and out drinking at our favorite local pub- so the weight loss stalled out and went backwards.

4) He and I went to Cabela's sporting goods stores and bought things that go 'boom'. They have a amazing selection of firearms there - it's almost as bad for the checkbook balance as Home Depot, and worse (per item) than any yarn or needlework store. And that's saying something!

5) Progress was made on the bathroom, despite breaking the main sutoff valve for the house (I don't think JC knows his own strength sometimes!) The water was off for two days and he had to bring in a professional plumber to replace that section of pipe. Once I get the rest of the painting done, there will be pictures!

6) Handbells have been going fantastic - I'm in both the beinning and advanced choiers (two of us from the "I" choir are involved inthe "II" choir - both of us are the newer ringers and can use the practice and technique review). I played Sunday before last with the "I" choir. It was icy and nasty and the service was not very well attended, which was too bad, because we did a FANTASTIC job on a difficult piece "Meditation on Beautiful Savior". This coming Sunday is the debute performance of the "II" choir. Steve, the director, is all about getting people used to performing right away.

7) Very little exercise occured other than running around with the kids. I have another 5 K in a couple of weeks, this is not good. But I may have to skip that one because...

8) I have a HORRID head cold - Fever, aches, watery eyes, runny nose, cough, congestion - the works. I sound like a cold medicine commercial. ICK. Off work yesterday and today. It's been going around and around at the office, and I'm honestly surprised that I haven't come down with it before now.

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