Saturday, February 09, 2008

progress report - bee fields shawl

I haven't said much lately about the knitting that's been going on in the background. The first sections (the set up chart and the "Bee Hive" charts) are done. I'm still loving the lush hand of this yarn and the subtle color variances.

This first section is the quickest and easiest of the three sections. There's very simple lace - it's basically lace knitting - with a textured 'resting' row on the wrong side. That will change with the next section. The second chart is true 'knitted lace' - with YOs and decreases on both the front and the back. (The borders, by the way, are true knitted lace from the get go - this confused me at first, but I've gotten used to the way that the designer set up the patterns.)

I also went ahead and did the center back grafting. I wasn't able to use Fleegle's Lace Grafting hack because there isn't really an 'end' to set it up with. The provisional cast on is folded in half and grafted to itself! I got it to work pretty well, I think. I will confess that I embroidered a bit of chain stitch to continue that center line all the way up to the border and rather fudged that bit in the fagotting where the two halves come together. It wanted to dip in and slant the holes, so rather than fight it, I worked with it, putting an extra set of manufactured stitches on the other side to make everything symetrical.

I think that the springiness of the yarn will let both fixes block out just fine. I don't think I would have been able to do either of them in a silk or even alpaca yarn, since the embriodered stitches are at a different tension than the knit ones. I finger blocked it out, and it looks good. But just in case, I didn't bury my end so that if I have to redo it, I have a fighting chance to undo what I just did!

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