Saturday, February 02, 2008

Weight Loss - Year 1, Week 24 AND first 5K

Loss this week = -2.6
Loss on WW = -43.4
Total Loss to date = -54.6

Good week, but probably due to weighing in early instead of at lunch like I usually do. It's going to be hard to stay on program with JC home. I know I'll be eating out more than usual. I'll be happy if I can just maintain for the next few weeks.

The other huge news is that I did my first Volkswalk

See! Proof that I did an event and even though I did the shorter 5K course, I did finish, and I finished strong. I even walked 7 blocks over to the start point and 7 blocks back afterwards - so closer to 4 miles than 3. (I was so lucky that the first walk of the year was in my neighborhood.) I can't wait for the one next month out at the new hiking trail at the lake. I hope to move up from the 5 to 10K distance soon.

My feet were hurting a bit when I finished, but I'm fine now (about 8 hours later). I just need to work up to the distances.

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