Friday, February 01, 2008

Stitching Update - Feb 2008

Since I got a couple of things done in Jan, there are some new projects to look at!


Whoa boy, how to describe this thing. First of all, it's one of my older UFO/WIPs (started in 2001) in the stitching stash. It is the "Renaissance Sampler" by Sharon Cohen (see a finished one here). The techniques that I have learned while doing this have moved me up to "very advanced" in the stitching game. It's like Sharon Miller lace or Alice St**more Fair Isle or Nicky Epstein cables - Yeah, like that. The middle there where I am working is openwork - true needlelace. There are only about 16 more little lace bits and this will be finished. But they go so slow that I don't expect to actually be done with it for a couple more months. Then I have to hemstitch the thing before I can frame it.

No photo of this one - its a cover for a journal that I finished all the stitching on. It just needs a few more beads attached. Not sure WHY I stopped working on this with so little left to do! This one will have the finishing done for the 'finishing weekend' in February.


Here's the USMC Seal as it stands now. I got the inner border done and the outer border (just barely) started.

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