Friday, October 27, 2006

FO - M-D Ball Band #4 aka The babies are coming, the babies are coming!!!

You know, when I first contemplated the fact that there are three expectant moms in my office, I was like "ohhh, babies to knit for...". Then it was "OMG - I have to knit for the babies....". I got to the place where I was counting back from the expected due dates to the probable shower dates. I was still confident. One in November, one in mid December and one in early January. Do-able.

Then today I got the shower invitation. The babies may be arriving consecutively, but the SHOWERS are concurrent. The day after I get back from Jacksonville in two weeks. YIKES!!!!!

Well, each of the baskets will have ONE handknit washcloth as witness:

There is Mason-Dixon Ball Band Washcloth #4 (three giftable plus one for me to figure out the edges, cast ons and blocking gauge).

IF I knit and block one between now and when we leave on Thursday and knit two over the long weekend there, block one Sunday night when we get in and one on Monday, I can still make this work.

And actually Ball Band knitting was on the agenda for that weekend anyhow. That's because the next Xmas gift project is Katie's scarf and it's just not polite to knit a person's Christmas present in their presence. Unless fitting is needed. And it's not like I'd be knitting a K State purple scarf for anybody else LOL.

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