Saturday, October 28, 2006

FO Esher's Lace Shawl

Pattern: Leaf Lace Shawl from Fiber Trends

Materials: five skeins of Louet Gems in "willow"

Needles: US 6

Notes - no mods to pattern - it's wonderful

Comments: LOVE this pattern, love the way the lace turned out. Only part I don't love is that this yarn doesn't come on a cone so there are several joins in the fabric of the shawl - which I can't see at all now that it's blocked.

Speaking of blocking - it's 10 at night, I'm still packing and my bed is occupied by still slightly damp lace. I'm going to have to 1) get myself organized and 2) haul out the air bed! Life - the adventure continues.

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