Tuesday, August 07, 2007

MS#3 - Clue 2 complete

Loving the lace! I've used Zephyr before, but that cowl was done on US6 Addi Turbos - that Gumperia calls "Addi Stumpos". (This was before their lace needle line came out). This yarn loves size US4 KnitPicks Options with their wonderful pointy points. They are slick and I do occasionally have a stitch get away from me - the two stitch garter borders are a bit of a fiddle. But overall, I'm very pleased.

I've gone down from jumperweight shetland (The Widow's Shawl) to fingering weight (Escher's Leaves) to true lace weight for this one.

My next effort will be cobweb on US 0. I'm eyeing Eunny Jang's Print O' the Wave. All this in aid of knitting a veil for my wonderful future daughter in law. A true once in a lifetime project!

I was hoping that the beading would show up in a closer shot, but I think I need daylight for that. So pretty beads later.....

On to Clue #3!

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