Saturday, August 04, 2007

Outgoing Sockapalooza 4 package

What do you think? Here's the outgoing package for my sock pal

A custom card, envelope, and sock band. Handstamped and embellished. Card template was a modification of one from the card class that I took a while back.

The package with the socks and the partial ball of leftover Panda Cotton. I just used it for the toes, so there's enough left for a headband or some other tiny project. I figure she can use it for repairs if nothing else. All the sock information is on a card tucked into the back of the sock band.

I tried to get a better shot of the project bag that I packed it all in, but it is suprisingly difficult to get a good picture of a clear plastic object!

I will swing by the gourmet store on my way to the post office and pick up some Kansas delicacy (flavored sunflower seeds for a knitting friendly snack maybe?) and some decorative shreds or tissue to fill up the bag. (ETA: Ended up with hard shell chocolate 'seeds' - rather like m&ms, and a Kansas postcard and magnet. And a pop it off the cob microwave popcorn kit. Don't know if it works, but it's CUTE!!!!. I always go a little nuts in the Kansas Sampler Store.

Bye bye sock pal socks

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