Saturday, May 05, 2007


I have my match! She likes pale pastels in water colors. Sounds YUMMMY. And my sister's Diva Scarf notwithstanding, I seldom use those colors - it will be fun to stretch a little.

I've been trolling her blog - it's fairly sparse, but all the socks she's done are plain ones. I don't know if I want to choose a lush yarn and a plain sock, or a plain yarn and a sock full of interesting details like the Horcrux Sox or a Nancy Bush pattern?

I emailed her, but haven't heard back.....

Decisions, decisions.

(And I wonder what the person who is knitting for me will choose... I got a nice email from her!)

ETA: just linked this with the Knit Pligg This is a totally new to me (and VERY cool) software interface that Alison had set up after we broke blogger.


Shannah said...

I say go for it with the socks. Just because your pal hasn't knit really fancy socks doesn't mean she wouldn't like something creative... expanding your horizons is always fun!

And hello! I'm knitting for a sock-a-palooza pal, too.

Shannah said...

ONE MORE: You have pet rats... hooray! I do, too. So rare to find other fanciers...I just had to say good for you. :-)

s b said...

Knit her something you would like to sounds simple, but believe me--I know how hard it is. I have been agonizing over what pattern, what fiber of yarn, what colors...My pal has no preferences whatsoever so the choice I up to me--I have complete freedom. And yet, I find myself wishing I had some boundaries.

Danielle said...

I'd go with the fancy pattern! They're always so pretty.

Karla (ThreadBndr) said...

Thanks - I'm scouting out Nancy Bush patterns even as we speak (books everywhere *G*).

Shannah - the ratskis are actually my son's pets. But for some reason, the Marine Corps won't let him keep them in the barracks!!! (giggle).