Monday, April 03, 2006

FO - Diva!Scarf

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Here it is, the finished Diva!Scarf

Pattern: Seed Stitch with slipped stitch edging - pattern unvented by me

Materials: Paton's "Katrina" in the 'Frost' - 10217 colorway. Needles 10.5 US, 5mm "Rainbow Spheres" beads from Michaels Crafts

Notes: 72 inches of knitting plus 10 inches of fringe on each end.

Comments: Here's a close up of the fringe with the beads, they are more shiny in person.
Free Image Hosting at I FINALLY got my camera to do a decent closeup, but I have NO idea how I convinced it to accomplish this task, so I do not know if I can repeat this triumph.

Can you believe it - a CHRISTMAS gift done! No last minute scramble for Kimi's gift !! (Hope she doesn't find this blog before December LOL.

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