Sunday, March 12, 2006

Look what I found!

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The color in the picture isn't real good, in real life, it's a pale minty green. Two balls of the now discontinued Paton's "Katrina" in the "Frost" colorway. And the bare minimum of a start on a long, narrow, seed stitch scarf.

I'm going to need something mindless and airline safe for my trip at the end of the month to see JC graduate from his tech school. This is on US8 Crystal Palace bamboo needles, so should be able to make it past the Air Marshalls.

I do NOT understand why Paton's discontinued this yarn; it's lush, with a lovely dense hand that should give a wonderful drape to the scarf. I plan to put about 5-8 inches of fringe on each end and maybe even some crystal beads to make it even lusher. My sister will LOVE this.

YUMMMMM, I just want to eat this yarn up like pistachio ice cream........

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