Sunday, March 12, 2006

Recent FO - Regia Banner Socks

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Pattern: "A classic sock pattern" from Folk Socks by Nancy Bush. I didn't want ribbing all the way down the leg, so switched to stocking stitch after a couple of inches.

Materials: Regia 4 ply sock yarn - color Banner 5451. Needles US 1

Notes: 80 stitches, cast on over two needles, standard heel stitch heel flap and round heel, wide toe.

Comments: I cannot get over how much this yarn changed when I washed it. It was SO harsh to work with, and I was saying to myself, "WHY do people like this yarn, it's 'meh - not great'?". Then it softened up and fulled just a bit and "Wow, NICE."

This was also my first attempt at making a classic sock in self striping yarn (vice a two toe tube sock where you do the cuff, heel and toe in a contrast yarn. As long as you start the provisional cast on at the same point in the pattern repeat, they match automatically.) I did have to discard a couple of yards of the light grey after the heel turn to make it all match up. I learned how to do a Russian Join to do this - very cool.

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