Monday, March 13, 2006

FO - SSKAL-Glad Raggs

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my first pair of socks for the Six Sox Knit Along!!

Pattern: "Glad Raggs" by Laura Anderson

Materials: Lang "Jawoll" in 537/97 pale and charcoal grey, Beaded with Irr Dk Olive Miyuki Delica Size 8 beads. Needles US2 (leg) and US1 (foot).

Notes: Heel stitch heel flap, round heel, round toe. 72 stitches CO with long tail over two needles.

Comments: My first beaded lace. I wish I could get a photo that really showed off the lace and beading. I need to learn how to get my camera to do better (and I know it's all operator error *g*).

The beaded lace was not easy, you put the beads on the 'plain' row between the lace rows. That's fine EXCEPT where you have to K2tog right above a bead. THAT's scrunched up and you need very strong needles with a very sharp point to manage it at all. I started out on Brittany's and promptly switched to metal needles before the first beaded repeat was done.

Had a few minor issues with the pattern, but since the designer was right there in the Yahoo group, the issues were quickly and painlessly resolved.

This group gets an exclusive pattern every other month. And I'm already looking forward to the April one. Click on the link over to the right for infomation - you have to apply to be accepted to the yahoo group, but it's pretty straightforward. I'm going to try to go back and gradually do the patterns that were posted before I joined. I don't see one in the archives that I don't like.

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