Friday, March 17, 2006

The Diva!Scarf in progress

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I've been knitting away on the seed stitch Diva!Scarf - even though it was planned to be my travel project for my trip to North Carolina at the end of March/first weekend of April.

This is about 17 inches worth of scarf, and as you can see, going up to the 10.5 needles to get the drape and hand that I wanted was the right choice.

I don't have a yarn scale, but at best guess, this is a little less than half a ball of the Katrina yarn AFTER I wound off enough for half the fringe from each of the two balls. So when I hit the end of ball one, it will be exactly half the scarf length.

This is great mindless knitting and has become my car project - the one for knitting at stop lights. I must stop and switch back to one of my other WIPs or I won't have anything to take with me on the plane in two weeks!

Good news, I have emails in the inbox re the issue I was having yesterday with the Lace Smoke Ring cowl. I'm determined to either figure this out or "unvent" (as Elizabeth Zimmermann would say) some kind of a bind off around the face edge before the weekend is over. I'm off to see what suggestions people have given me.

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