Friday, May 04, 2007

Elegant gusset

Oh my, I do like the garter border - picking up the stitches on the side of the heel flap is SO easy with this heel and yarn. The stitches were distinct and probably the easiest of any sock to date. And the garter border softens the transition between the vertical and horizontal elements of the gusset.

Now normally, you'd start your gusset decreases on the end of needle one and the start of needle four. BUT with this pattern, that would put knitted decreases in the middle of the garter area and so I moved the decreases over to the stocking part of the rib. This will make the gusset a bit higher (by two stitches) than it ordinarly would be BUT the sweep of ribbing will slide down the top of the foot un interupted.

For ease of knitting, I moved one repeat of the instep onto the gusset needles on each side of the foot.

BTW, How do you like those elegant stitch markers that are marking the new decrease point? Bought them from Zer0 Markers. They are fresh water pearls and sterling silver. It's sad that my knitting has nicer jewelry than I do *G*.

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