Tuesday, January 09, 2007

FO - Persimmon Bias Scarf for the Red Scarf Project

Yes, I really do have a FO, but by the time the O was F, it was too DtoP (dark to photograph). So pictorial proof of FO will be forthcoming tomorrow. (ETA: picture!)

Pattern: Maia's Bias Scarf for The Red Scarf Project 2007

Yarn: Garn Les Flaturee Ormspun (Mill End) in color Persimmon (Acrylic boucle aprox DK weight)

Needles: US 7

Notes: Omitted the internal lace pattern on the scarf as written, but kept the edge pattern. Garter stitch version 1 on a 41 stitch base. Blocks out to 7 x 69 inches.

Comments: Boucles are always rather hard to handle in knitting, but the hand of the finished fabric on this is worth the hassle. There's enough on the cone for two more, probably. Since this is a good combination of yarn and pattern, I may make myself one later and one more in the fall for the 2008 Red Scarf Project.

Project History: stash enhancement and cast on, sitting pretty, in the home stretch

Norma, who hosts the blog for the Red Scarf Project (link on the sidebar), asked the knitters to elaborate on why they knit for the project.

I was vaguely aware of the project last year - I was just getting into the whole knitting blog phenonema at that time. My journal was still at my former host and was mostly stitching. As knitting began to take on more and more importance in my crafting life, I opened up this journal. This year, I'm not exactly sure who brought it to my attention in December (when I was totally engrossed in the pre-holiday knit fest), but I told myself that the first project of the new year would be a scarf for this project.

One of JC's best friends in the Marine Corps was an emancipated minor - responsible for himself as of age 16. This deployment, I'm making up care packages two at a time *G*. Being a young adult with no parental support is hard - no matter what the venue.

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