Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Knits for MYSELF - for ME! MINE!!!

OK, enough of the probono and gift knitting already!!! I want to knit for ME!!!!

I'm not the only one feeling that way! SEE!

Jenn at Knit n Lit is hosting this - a knit for yourself KAL! Go us.

Socks, Socks - two pair on the needles. Which to finish first?

The Broadripple Hybrids are the oldest and closest to being done. But the Chain Links (Six Sox KAL) have a deadline of the end of the month if I want to get in the drawing for sock yarn this time around. So far, I've never been chosen, but like they say about the lottery - 'can't win if you don't play'!

Decisions, decisions. But Broadripples tonight - I haven't done anything on them since..... I don't actually remember when! (This is why it is a VERY BAD THING for me to make one sock at a time!!)

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