Friday, January 12, 2007

Worth the headache

Once I got started back in on them, I fell in love with the BroadRipple Hybrids all over again. Until I got to the heel. You remember the heel - the one that makes these "hybrids" because it was lifted wholesale from the Six Sox KAL "Sixth Sense" pattern?

I knit on that second heel all night last night. That's because it was knit twice. For some reason in my notes, I had it on 16+16 stitches, but the FINISHED sock is 18+18. And yes, those four stitches matter *sigh*.

Again with the "why I should NEVER knit one sock, then the other". If I'd have done my usual cuff/cuff, leg/leg, heel/heel, foot/foot, toe/toe gig, I would not have made such a stupid mistake and these socks would probably be DONE long ago. Having almost succumbed to second sock syndrome on the Snake Skin Scales socks a while back (again from knitting one at a time) and now this, I am totally convinced that my usual method is the way to go for me.

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Nathalie said...

now that's an excellent idea about how to knit socks nad not get bored with the second sock. I am succumbing to the SSS more and more these days :sigh: