Sunday, January 11, 2009

FO - Afghan Squared

Several times over the last year or so, I've mentioned knitting on squares for an afghan for my living room. These squares have been my travel, car and pub projects for quite a while now. Over the holidays, I laid them out and started putting them together.

After a couple of false starts trying to figure out layout and how to connect them, I got it finished. It's nice and heafty; just the right weight for snuggling up under. It's 33 x 43 inches, so lap sized. The individual squares are about 8x8, so it could easily scale down to a baby blanket if you did 3 squares across and 4 down, or scale up to bed sized. The lap size takes 2 skeins of each color to make five squares and one contrast color skein for the seams and borders

The joining stitch and borders are crochet - which I CAN do, but I just like knitting better.

Materials: Lamb's Pride Worsted in heathered colors (fire, peacock, wheat, forest) and black

Needles/Hook: US 7 and 8/H (I tend to crochet tighter than I knit, so up one size on the hook)


Zandra said...

It looks great!

OldCop said...

Hi! I noticed you stopped by my humble blog and I'm just thrilled to know that there's another Honor Harrington lover out there. Ever read Lieutenant Eve Dallas by Nora Roberts? Don't rat me out to the other guys that I read "Chick" books,-)

moonpuppy said...

That is just lovely! I've always loved granny square afghans because of the start small and build technique, but I hate crocheting (too hard on my fingers). I'm definitely going to keep this in mind and dedicate a set of needles to it.

Thanks for posting it.