Sunday, December 16, 2007

And another hat start

Well, here is the cast on for the Irish Hiking Hat. I decided to go with the one that has the cable band horizontally as the brim of the hat and the reverse stocking stitch lining behind the cable.

The rather Griffindorish bit at the bottom is the provisional cast on. I will be trying out Fleegle's Lace Grafting instructions.

While I can kitchner stitch in both stocking and garter, I have never quite mastered doing grafting in patterns. I figure if Fleegle's hack works for lace, it will work for cables and texture patterns. The whole point to to not have to worry about where the needle needs to go next. For the record (in case I loose my pattern copy and need to print off another one) the marked row is row number 4 in the pattern repeat.

This will be nice, portable mindless knitting. I need about 23 inches of this.

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