Saturday, December 15, 2007

FO - 99cent Unoriginal Hat

I seriously overestimated how long this hat would take to knit up. This could easily be a 'present in a day'.

Pattern: Stephanie Pearl-McFee's "Yarn Harlot's Unoriginal Hat" (free internet pattern available pdf file here)

Yarn: Yarn Bee "mosaic twist" in color #121. Sourced from the local Hobby Lobby (on sale for 99 cents!)

Needles US10 1/2

Mods: Added one round of ssk to get the stitches to 8 instead of 16 for a neater top. It's a little small for me (fits my head very snuggly, and doesn't quite cover my ears). If I do it again, I will add a purl stitch in between the two cables on each quarter and three rounds or so of K4, P4 (or if you are doing it per the pattern, P3, K4) to the bottom just to both 'ground' the cables a little and to add just a tiny bit of length.

Comments: Fun, quick hat, good charity/gift knit or last minute gift.

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