Sunday, December 23, 2007

Braid around the head

23 inches of cable for the Irish Hiking Hat brim. This actually went pretty fast, since I had a couple of days in there where I didn't get to knit at all.

Here are the ends all back on the needle and ready for grafting. I used Fleegle's grafting trick to join them, and it does work just as well in worsted weight cables as it does on lace.

See! If you look REALLY close, you can see where the abutting edges are off a half stitch. This happens when you undo a provisional cast on and head off in the opposite direction in ANY pattern. (The fact that it's totally invisible in garter and plain stockingette is pure knitting magic, in my opinion.) But you have to look very closely to find that point, since the cables line up just fine. MUCH nicer than the seam that the pattern calls for and not all that hard to do; if you are comfortable kitchnering toes, you can do this.

Next step is to fold the brim in half and pick up stitches from both edges together to close the brim and start the hat body. I did a slip stitch selvedge on each side, so had only half the recommended number of stitches to pick up. So I made one with a simple backward loop cast on between each picked up stitch.

The body of the hat is very short, because the crown only has decreases at four points. So the top will be pointy, but should block out nicely.

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