Saturday, December 22, 2007

Weight Loss - Year 1, Week 18

Loss this week = -1.4
WW loss to date = -35.4
Total loss = -46.6

Gosh, this week was HARD. I honestly though I'd see a gain. Two potlucks (work and EFM), and a birthday lunch. There were treats and chocolate dipped everything and cheese balls and cookie trays. Work was a minefield of munchies. There were things in the break room and at my desk and by the mail boxes! A dieter's nightmare LOL. I tried to keep it to one or two treats a day and NOT nosh constantly as was tempting. Weighing in on Saturday again helped (had to work through my lunch hour on Wednesday this week).

Getting exercise in this weekend will NOT be a problem. I walked Molly for about 1.3 miles (our usual route here in the neighborhood) AND I've shoveled the walks THREE times today (we are having a small blizzard today - over 8 inches so far and it's still coming down a bit (or at least blowing around).

Tomorrow I have to dig mom's house out at some point. Kimi and I are attacking my bathroom painting project over the rest of the holiday weekend. I may have to start a regime of painkillers tonight, I'm really getting stiff and sore already.

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