Saturday, October 06, 2007

Destruction before Construction

My mom and my sister own a duplex. Kimi lives in one half of it, and the other half is a rental unit. Both sides need some foundation repair, which is bad enough, but though Kimi's side is unfinished, the renter's side is half unfinished (concrete walls) and half finished - including a brick fireplace housing an electric log.

That is there WAS a brick fireplace. Now there's just a huge pile of bricks! And I have proved that I am the mistress of the impact driver!! It took us just six hours (less a lunch break) to demolish it and take down most of the wallboard and bead board. There are a couple more panels to do next week. We did take 'before and after' pictures. (Hopefully they will come out OK.)

I'm stiff, but not horribly so - I just know I worked hard today. Needless to say, no knitting occurred today.

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