Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Weight Loss - Year one, week 6

Down 1.6 pounds this week.
WW Loss 13.2 pounds
Total Loss 24.4 pounds

Still not feeling deprived one bit. I'm adding a few more minutes to my walk each week, and I'm up to six blocks at a time with very minor back pain (at least compared to what it was like last year when I could just barely manage to the end of the block and back without having to sit down and let the spasms in my back subside).

I want to try the daily step counting routine. I have a cheap pedometer from a walking program at work, but it needs a new battery. Start up a new errand list LOL. I'd love a really good pedometer, but the cheap one will do me for now. WW has a pedometer, but it's not rated in the top 5 for accuracy and doesn't have all the features I want.

I'd also like to get a stopwatch (unless I can find a high rated pedometer that has one) and some way to have digital music on my walks. I think I'll ask for the pedometer for Christmas, and a "shake" LED flashlight (no batteries!) because it's already getting dark by the time I get out to walk in the evenings at least a couple of days a week.

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