Thursday, September 27, 2007


"Crown Him with Many Crowns", and crown ME with a bludger! This new piece is kicking my (admittedly large) @$$! It has several key changes and one part with a LOT of accidentals. I get all flustered and mess it up every time. *sigh*

I really need to practice. There is a technique called "weaving" where one picks up and puts down the bells as needed - the high bell is sometimes in the left hand and the low bell in the right. And I forget what's where!

At some point in every musician's life, one gets to the point where the notes flow out from the eyes to the hands without the brain getting all that involved. That leaves the brain to pay attention to the director, the piece's dynamics, key changes, tempo and all of that 'musical stuff'. I just wish I could get to that point with bells.

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