Thursday, June 07, 2007

It's HERE!!!

The yarn for my sockapal's socks came! It's Panda Cotton (Bamboo/Cotton/Elastic) in "Misty Greens". She likes sea colors and I'm inspired to knit a pair of lacy summer socks with this cool, watery green. It's like ribbon mints, just a HINT of color changes; it's even cool to the touch. The bamboo makes it just ripple though your fingers.

YUMM - it IS a bit splitty, though. I can see that just from casting on for the swatch. But with care, it should be quite lovely lace.

ETA: The splitting is bad enough that I think that the mini melon stitch will drive me just CRAZY on the SSKAL Victorian Lace Socks. You have to lift two stitches over two stitches, then YO, k2 (the bracketed stitches) and YO. I know from the Snakes Skin Scales Socks that those lifted stitches demand a yarn that doesn't mind being pulled on. I used Kogiu PKM for the SSSSocks. It stood up fine; this yarn isn't doing so well. The recommende yarn is KnitPicks Essentials Bare (undyed). I have some plain white Baby Ull. This is the yarn that I used for the Slytherin Horcrux Sox, and I know it will stand up to the pattern.

So white wool for the Victorian Lace Socks.

But that leaves me still pondering the Sock Pal socks. The color runs on this yarn are not only very subtle, they are very short and are making an attractive dapple pattern - no stripes, flashes or pooling in the swatch in the round. So I'm rather inclined to doing the Dublin Bay pattern. The lace on this is VERY small and simple, and there are large areas of stockingette to show off the colorway.

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