Sunday, June 03, 2007

FO - Slytherin House Beanie

june1 weekend 001

BAM*Bang* (insert big puff of smoke) **Knit object appears from nowhere**

The knitter has been 'Ron'-ing around frantically this weekend, all 'Hagrid' and worn. Despite having 'Ream(u)s' of paperwork to do, she still found about three hours of knitting time this afternoon (and no, I didn't use a time turner or Mrs. Weasley's charmed knitting needles). Instead I got 'Mi-nerve-a' up and ignored the mess that the rest of my House has become and sat and knit all afternoon. It wasn't all that 'Harry'; this pattern is not 'Draco'-nian at all. It's child sized and a very simple pattern. Before I knew it, I was 'Severus'-ing the final yarn and ready to darn in the ends. It was a such a 'Lucius'-ous yarn, too - merino "Swish Superwash" from Knitpicks in Dublin Green and "Wool of the Andes" in Lake Ice Heather Grey.

'Sirius'-ly though (I'm running out of Harry Potter puns and can't figure out how to fit Hermione in there at all, poor girl) this was a fun, quick knit. The finished hat will be on it's way to Warm Woolies tomorrow.

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