Sunday, May 27, 2007

Experiment Socks Cuff

Well, I've stopped trying to turn this sock into a Klein bottle by mixing up what needle I need to use next. That's progress.

Like all techniques I know of for socks, the first few rounds are the hardest. At that point everything is floppy and disorganized. Once there's enough knitting on the needles that the sock starts to hold it's shape, things get better.

These are worsted weight for two reasons. One is that a worsted sock goes very quickly, so I figure that if I absolutely hate the technique, I'm not stuck with it for long. Secondly, the smallest needle size that I actually have two circular needles in is size US 4. That pretty much mandated worsted weight yarn (or at least a heavier sport weight.

I had a couple of skeins of Lambspride worsted in the stash. And I know from my Green Worsted House Socks that this yarn makes wonderful, thick slipper socks.


A.I. Editor said...

Good looking socks. They look really warm.

Though they seem to be more suitable for indoor use.

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Karla (ThreadBndr) said...

Yes, you are absolutely right; these are quite thick and heavy. The green worsted ones that I made out of the same brand of yarn and with a similar pattern are used almost entirely as house slippers in the winter.

I chose a worsted weight yarn because I didn't want to spend a lot of time on this pair of socks. This time it's all about the technique.