Saturday, March 11, 2006

Recent FO - The Green worsted House Socks

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Since it's barely March, I'm going to try to add my 2006 finished objects (more or less in chronological order).

These were the study socks for a sock knitting class that I took at the "Yarn Barn" in Lawrence Kansas. This shop, though a 40 minute drive away, is the closest thing I have to a "local" yarn store.

Pattern: "Knit to Fit Socks" by Nancy Lindberg (except the toe, which is from Folk Socks by Nancy Bush).

Materials: Brown Sheep Co's "Lambs Pride worsted" - Color Pine Shadows, Needles are US 4.

Notes: Long Tail CO over 2 needles, 52 stitches to fit a US Women's Size 8.5 W foot. Ribbing is k2p2 and continues down to the toe. Heel flap is 'Heel Stitch', Standard Round Heel, Star Toe with four 'rays'.

Comments: Warmest socks I own, very yummy, but the mohair in the yarn pills like the dickens. The pattern is a great standard pattern and VERY easy to understand. Not crazy about her square toe, so swapped out one of the NB ones.

This yarn is a singles, so the stitches are a little skewed - especially noticeable in the ribbing. I actually like the effect in ribbing. It looks like some very esoteric stitch because the trailing edge turns itself under due to that side of the stitch overtwisting. I tried to get a close up, but couldn't get close enough to get good stitch definition.

I may need to break down and get a flat bed scanner.

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