Saturday, March 11, 2006

FO - The MCJROTC Watch Cap

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When my son (JC aka the Marine!Goth) was in High School, he was in MCJROTC (Marine Corp Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps). This does not obligate the student to join the military, but does give them a taste of military drill, customs and courtesy, history, service to the community and so forth. When he graduated, he was Cadet Major, Cadet of the Year (2005 grad class) for the entire MC/Naval district!, on the National Champion Cadet Silent and Armed AND Color Guard drill teams (why yes, THS came close to sweeping the West Coast National Championships last year *G*).

Anyway, I'm still active in the parent's support group for the program, though JC has graduated and is now active duty. We are having a silent auction in conjunction with our pancake feed next weekend. After some of the kids saw me knitting when I chaperoned a recent trip, the girl who is putting together the auction items asked me to knit a hat for it.

Here's the hat. Pattern: Jacqueline Fee's "Mushroom Hat" from The Sweater Workshop.

Materials: Plymouth "Encore Bulky" in color 1444. Knit on US9 Clover Bamboo needles (7 inch and it was crowded). This sizes to an Adult Med/Lg

Notes: 80 stitches CO with a knitted CO, four inches of k2p2 rib, four inches of stocking stitch, then a star type crown with 10 'rays' that decreases every other round.

Comments: Simple, a quick knit (four days over lunch hours and breaks at work and travel project and about two hours last night to do the decreases), one ball of yarn with about 25 yards left, so could have made the brim a bit deeper. Next time, I'm going to downsize the initial stitches to 72 for an Adult Small/Med, this yarn/pattern combo is generously sized.

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