Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Working on figuring this thing out.

YEAH! I have links....

BOO! They don't go anywhere. Still have to upload the pictures. And I have NO clue on the whole 'put this button on your blog' thing. Will work on it tomorrow.

EDIT on 3/9: It took me more time than I thought it would, but I got the links working for the Finished Objects and the Stitching WIPs and one of the knitting ones. I need to get pictures of the other Knitting WIPs taken.

I decided that since I do quite a bit of Pro Bono work, that I'll just link to the Webshots Album for those pictures. Likewise, I do a lot of socks (again, I need to take pictures of the ones that I've done this year), so I'll just make a Webshots Album for socks. I'll post 'happy dance' photos for items in these two categories, but will just have one link in the "Finished Objects" box for all items in these two categories.

EDIT on 3/25: Houston, we have buttons!!!! AND links behind buttons that WORK. Thanks to the Knitter's Review thread on buttons, how to add them, how to edit them and how to add links to them. A very helpful community on all things knitterly and many things bloggish. I highly recommend joining.

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