Sunday, October 22, 2006

woof, what a weekend

But here's a status report for the record.

USMC Seal - I'm going to take the pattern to work tomorrow and make an enlargement of the area that I need to redesign.

Escher's Leaves - bind off at the half way point. The more lace I knit, the more that I realize that it really looks like a total mess untill it's blocked out. Right now, the shawl is a green blob o' boobies. Really. It reminds me of one of the multi-breasted pagan goddess statues (like this one).

See what I mean!

BroadRipple Hybrid socks - turned the short row heel on sock #1.

Other SocktoberFest project - materials for Turkish socks for SSKal are on order. ETA - they are here - two skeins of Lorna's Laces in the "sunshine" color way, to pair with some Regia in navy, grey, kelly and tan. Should be interesting.

Baby Shower(s) - Mason Dixon Ball Band #4 is a little less than halfway done.

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